Stone Engraving and Fabrication

No, we just don’t sell rocks, in different assortments. We add value. One way is with our professional, handcrafted stone engraving and fabrication. Your company logo or family name on a solid natural stone makes for a real impact.

We help you with community and commercial projects of all kinds.

Our years of expertise will ensure a successful outcome.

Have a unique design? We may be able to do it. Call today.

Why engrave?

Engraving is the process of carving an image into a rigid surface, either by hand or using machinery. Lasers and water jets are often used to accomplish this brand of artistry. Engraving is a time-tested method of creating artwork, and there are a number of advantages to its use as a medium.


Engraving has a large versatility in materials that lends itself well to creating artwork. Virtually any rigid material can be engraved with any design your imagination can come up with. Glass, wood and metal are three materials that are most commonly engraved, but stone and paper can also be engraved. Different techniques are used to engrave the image onto each material’s surface for the best result possible on that medium.


Engraving allows you to personalize gifts (or your property). Almost any surface can be engraved to your specifications now, so it will allow you to personalize your home with custom designs. Create an artistic design on paper to be transferred onto your medium.

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